Brand New Globe Demo Videos!

We are proud to release a new set of Globe videos on our Youtube channel. You can view each video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to always get the latest video right to your subscription box!

Globe Manhattan to Orlando in Unreal Engine 4
Globe supports resolution from ground level needs to global-scale activities using Geo-specific publicly-streamed data or use your data, anywhere in the world.

Globe Geo-Specific and Procedural in Unreal Engine 4
Globe provides full first person playable capabilities from geo-specific data sources to procedurally generated landscapes all in a single Unreal Engine 4 runtime.

Globe Tessellation in Unreal Engine 4
Globe uses global scale real time tessellation to provide an accurate coordinate system across the entire globe.

Globe Streaming LODs in Unreal Engine 4
Globe uses Geo-specific data streaming from the Cloud and has optimal performance by using three levels of detail.

Globe Google Maps in Unreal Engine 4
Globe uses real-time stream from the Cloud for terrain imagery, terrain elevation, and 3D models. 
The streaming of Google Maps data is currently in progress.

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P.S. We’re at GDC this week, March 21-March 23!