Training Designed for How Pros Learn Best

More meaningful training drives more predictable results.

Be Less Vulnerable to Risk. And Consequences.

The most imaginative members of your team will love our approach to training. So will your pragmatists. Because at Virtual Heroes, we’re committed to developing premier training experiences that are as practical as they are natural. We help you simulate the decisions your pros will have to make under pressure by merging tried-and-true learning management practices with advanced technology.

Complex scripting, sequencing, & variability
Build in the “what ifs?” that ensure that your training reflects the same unpredictability as what your team could encounter in the field.
Specific SOP scoring and reporting
Provide your pros with automated reviews that pinpoint precisely where errors occurred.
Real-time procedural hinting
Help trainees learn on-the-fly and understand not just when something went wrong, but how and why.
Full 3D after-action reviews
Replay timed sequences to see exactly what trainees experienced and how they reacted to each new training dynamic.
Gamification achievements/badging
Recognize success while promoting ever-higher levels of individual and team proficiency.

Fighting the Good Fight Together.

Your team exists to confront, manage, and neutralize all kinds of risks. Our team exists to give yours the confidence it needs to stay in control, day in and day out. Let’s discover together how our high-fidelity training simulations can make the difference between “almost” and “always” for you.

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