High-Performance Simulations For High-Stakes Training

Readying your toughest pros for their toughest tasks.

Use Virtual Solutions To Tackle Real-World Challenges.

A division of Applied Research Associates (ARA), Virtual Heroes designs, develops, and deploys high-fidelity simulations that blend the best of training development, advanced modeling, and serious gaming technology to create fully immersive experiences. 

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Experience reality before it's real.

Odds are, if you’re reading this you lead teams that respond to “the extremes” — the incredibly complex, risky situations that aren’t just about success-or-failure, but potentially life-or-death. Like replacing spent fuel rods in a nuclear reactor. Keeping mission-critical systems online. Triaging and treating the wounded in a mass casualty event. In those scenarios, when everything’s on the line, training that “seems good enough” simply won’t do.

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Get Ready.

At Virtual Heroes, we help you take preparation to an entirely new level through:

Individual, self-paced training


Instructor-led team training



open virtual worlds

anywhere, anytime, any device.

We deploy simulations anywhere, anytime, anyplace — and on virtually any device. Pick the platforms that give your team the best combination of power and convenience, and we’ll tailor a solution to fit them:

  • Standalone PC/Mac applications
  • Mobile devices (Android™ and iOS®)
  • Streaming to a browser (AppStreaming/HTML5)
  • Cloud-based deliveries
  • AR and VR systems (including HoloLens®, VIVE®, Rift®, Index™ and Reverb) 

Trusted to Deliver, Every Time.

Our clients often come to Virtual Heroes with a specific need — they need a sophisticated terrain modeled, a complicated process simulated, or a multipart, multiplatform training initiative produced. Once we begin working together, they quickly realize everything they can capitalize on:

We leverage our expertise in modeling, simulation, and interactive technologies to create immersive, high-fidelity experiences that are smartly configured to meet the most demanding budgets and timelines.
We were built to solve the hard problems; it’s in our corporate DNA. Plus, beyond our own technical acumen and collective experience, we can call on a deep bench of talent at ARA — engineers and scientists, technologists, and programmers — who provide even more diverse domain expertise.
We capitalize on every resource — from Unreal® and full-stack development experience to open-source platform expertise and a vast library of modeling assets — to help our clients push beyond conventional boundaries of what, how, and where they can deliver high-performance training.
We’re a 18-year-old division of a 42-year-old, wholly employee-owned company whose sustained growth and success has been built on repeat business from highly exacting government, defense, commercial, industrial, and healthcare clients.

Find safety in the right numbers.

We don’t take the client trust we’ve earned lightly. And the stats bear it out.



Number of advanced simulation and training projects deployed



Number of awards won for excellence in Serious Games



ARA employees across North America in 30 locations


Advanced degrees

ARA workforce with advanced engineer and scientist degrees

How the Greater Good Stays that Way.

Since no two real-life scenarios are ever precisely the same, no two training simulations should be, either. That’s why at Virtual Heroes, we engineer and deliver highly customized training programs for every client. We’re also part of a global learning community, recognizing that widely sharing know-how and resources can help accelerate learning. Through our Go Platform, an immersive, browser-based virtual world platform based on the Unreal® Engine, we’ve made free releases like these available to trainees everywhere:

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Sedation and Airway Training
A 3D interactive program that enables healthcare workers to practice techniques for quickly sedating and intubating critically ill patients. Free Download
Mission Biotech

An immersive game that simulates real-world medical lab conditions, including conducting DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, just like the same research performed to identify the COVID-19 virus.

Free Download

mission biotech
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Zero Hour

A program that puts trainees on the front lines of a mass casualty event triggered by an earthquake or biological, chemical or explosive attack.

Free Download

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The Next Step? Let’s Keep Learning.

We’re eager to find out more about the ways you prepare your team for the most serious challenges they may face. And we invite you to learn more about how Virtual Heroes can help you meet your training challenges like never before.

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