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Modeling, simulation, and training to help you solve tomorrow.

Experience the Difference that Experience Makes.

For almost two decades, Virtual Heroes has made a name for itself by developing and deploying objective-based immersive training experiences tied to measurable performance outcomes — and delivering unmatched results for organizations ranging from medical centers and nuclear plants to government agencies and national defense organizations.


We’ve made it possible to train surgeons, soldiers, first responders, plant inspectors, and hundreds of other types of essential workers using scenarios that replicate the real world as closely as possible. Operating rooms? Disaster zones? Front lines? We’ve been there, and we’ve done that.


Even better, we’ve been here. Stable, sure, and dependable since 2004. 

We’ve amassed a unique set of in-house skills that combines up-to-the-minute technological expertise with an in-depth understanding of instructional design, virtual learning, and cognitive psychology. And, since 2009, we’ve been backed by the resources of Applied Research Associates (ARA), a successful 40-year-old employee-owned company that’s globally recognized for applying technically-excellent, in-depth and diversified research, engineering, and technical support services to provide answers to complex problems.

We’ve proven ourselves adept at working within a range of budgets, across myriad platforms, pretty much anywhere in the world. We live for the opportunity to tackle your most difficult training and simulation challenges. And use all of our virtual skills to turn everyone on your team into heroes. 

Go From Highlighting Real to Highlight Reel.

In the not-so-distant past, high-fidelity training simulations were an exclusive domain of the biggest brands with the biggest budgets. At Virtual Heroes, we’ve made it our mission to make premier training software more accessible to more organizations that are perfectly primed to leverage it. And if that sounds like your team, we’d welcome the chance to learn more about what’s both vexing and inspiring you.   

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