Education, Training, and Capabilities overview

Geared to your highest learning priorities.

Strategic, Efficient Training Design And Development.

Your trainees know how to thrive in chaotic situations and environments. Fortunately, they can save that skill for the field, because working with Virtual Heroes is about as by-the-book as you can get. Thanks to our E-Office online project management system and a time-tested five-step ADDIE instructional design process , we ensure that our technical and project management expertise is applied in a way that drives predictable, successful results.

Step 1: Analysis
Thoroughly defining project goals, trainee knowledge gaps and requirements, and key technical design and deployment considerations
Step 2: Design
Identifying learning objectives, delivery formats, and activities and exercises
Step 3: Development
Establishing course content, engineering prototypes, conducting reviews, and initiating pilot tests
Step 4: implementation
Deploying training programs/tools and observing trainee participation
Step 5: Evaluation
Measuring knowledge and skill attainment against predetermined metrics

Field-Ready Training Technologies. No Matter The Field.

Adaptable. Portable. Wearable.

Whatever priorities are at the top of your must-have list, you’ll quickly discover that Virtual Heroes is the must-have training technology partner. Here’s why:

We leverage technologies wisely
Our solutions are powered by our Advanced Learning Technology (ALT) Platform, which is layered atop Epic Game’s Unreal® Engine. That unique combination lets us rapidly develop immersive 3D training applications in a fraction of the time and cost others can.
We go where you go
It’s easy to put our software tools to work everywhere, regardless of what device — including Android™ and iOS® mobile platforms, consoles, desktops, and laptops — is in your team’s highly capable hands.
We create the unseen
When getting closer to reality demands advanced AR and VR systems (take HoloLens®, VIVE®, Rift®, Index™ or Reverb, for example), we’re ready, willing, and able to capitalize on the ever-more-lifelike experiences they can deliver.
We embrace interoperability
All our software is Government Off The Shelf (GOTS). So if your organization is moving away from the constraints of proprietary software, you’ll find our open-software deliverables with no licensing fees to be that much more valuable.
MBA copy
“We can literally crowdsource challenges NASA is trying to solve with thousands and thousands of players, and really tap their collective intelligence to try and come up with answers.” – Daniel Laughlin, NASA Learning Technologies Division | Moonbase Alpha

Practical, Powerful Training Resources.

Creating highly convincing virtual training used to start with convincing the boss to find more budget. Not anymore. With Virtual Heroes as your partner, you can take advantage of our resources to create immersive, high-fidelity experiences that are aligned to your most demanding timelines and bottom lines.

  • By using open-source tools (including the Unreal® Engine, the world’s most advanced, real-time 3D creation tool for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences), we help you avoid licensing fees and get full source-code access at no extra cost.
  • With an existing base of over two million lines of code built into our synthetic-environment tools, we can map new environments and scenarios for you at significantly lower cost and risk.
  • We maintain a virtual asset library of thousands of elements — virtual facilities, vehicles, avatars and more — which we can reuse at no cost to you.
  • Our open-source, real-time human physiology engine enables your team to capitalize on accurate, consistent simulations that help them train efficiently to save lives repeatedly.
  • We can scale our software development to meet your team’s unique field conditions, including low-bandwidth and resource-constrained environments.

Essential Training Support for Your Most Pressing Imperatives.

Being indispensable begins with being capable and dependable.

Set a New Standard with Virtual Heroes.

You’re already working from a short list: There simply aren’t many companies that can provide your team with the unique mix of engineering, programming, and scientific expertise to help you pull off your most ambitious training initiatives. Once you insist that your partner have serious games experience and sustained process excellence, your list grows smaller still. Ultimately, Virtual Heroes ends up as a consistent finalist — and repeat long-term collaborator — because of our ability to deliver:

  • Advanced Technology Deployment — We capitalize on every resource — from Unreal® and full-stack development experience to open-source platform expertise and a vast library of modeling assets — to give our clients what they couldn’t get before: tomorrow’s innovations at today’s budget limits.
  • Serious Problem Solving — Virtual Heroes is part of a team of more than 1,500 professionals at ARA whose business card titles might as well all read, “Master Problem Solver.” Help us understand your boldest training objectives and we’ll provide you with our boldest thinking to get you there.
  • Persistency and Consistency: We have expertise in directing projects of virtually every shape, size, and scale, and our work comes almost exclusively from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals. From complex, multiyear engagements to short-turn, highly specific visualizations, we can be trusted to get it done, time after time.

A New Starting Point That Puts You Miles Ahead.

Picking the right training visualization partner helps more than just your team. It helps everyone who’s depending on your pros to save the day. Why wait to get started? Let’s start a conversation today about your training aspirations, and then discover together how our advantages can become yours.

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