Immersive Training For Urgent Procedures.

In the operating room, on the battlefield, at the scene of an accident: Every. Second. Counts. Your medical personnel have to be prepared to step in and save lives at a moment’s notice. That means exposing them to the realities of emergency interventions, and ensuring they’re ready for muscle memory to kick in — even when it’s simply not possible to create realistic training scenarios in the physical world.

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The Best Training Solutions For The Worst Situations.

Simply put, Virtual Heroes makes medical simulation training as real as possible — by combining the high-fidelity output of the Unreal® Engine with BioGears™, our amazingly detailed real-time physiology engine. Your team will see the blood, feel the time pressure, and gain the invaluable ability to make decisions that matter. All using unscripted simulations that let them safely learn from their mistakes.

“The interface to games—there’s no argument about how great and fantastic it is. The interface to health care, no matter how you define it, the way you go to a doctor’s office, the way you fill out a form, fantastic it isn’t.” – Ben Sawyer, Games for Health Initiative | Zero Hour: America’s Medic


Train your team to be crisis-ready.

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You need to use all the tools at your disposal to maximize your team’s preparedness — AR, VR, medical manikins, role-playing, the works. Just as important, you need a partner who understands all the complexities, and has the proven ability to overcome technical challenges. Our record speaks for itself. When you’re ready to get started, we look forward to speaking with you.

“For the first time in the history of EMS, we brought together the EMS operational leaders from America’s largest cities to discuss substantive issues that affect the ability of EMS to respond to large scale events,”

- Gregg Lord, National EMS Preparedness Initiative | Zero Hour: America’s Medic
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