Exacting Modeling and Simulations for Precision Training

Software for how the real world looks, acts and responds.
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Synthetic Worlds that Deliver Authentic Insights.

If the training scenario you’re hoping to bring to life requires extremely complicated calculations and incredibly sophisticated physics, we’re in. In fact, that’s our sweet spot. Thanks to a team teeming with engineers, scientists, and physicists, we can help your simulations be faithful to what your team will see, hear, and feel.

The Situations
In your line of work, the best kind of surprises are no surprises. Whether your professionals are training for complex medical procedures, combat missions, or critical operations, we can create simulations that guide them step-by-step through what to expect before they experience it.
The Environments
We set the industry standard in the rapid generation of synthetic environments for training and testing. Our advanced terrain generation pulls data from GIS, aircraft, drones, and all standard geospatial sources to develop accurate 3D virtual worlds — in minutes, not months. Then we export to game engines and intuitive web-based interfaces that accelerate how you can modify and use those worlds.
The Stakes
Games for learning are thriving for good reason: They take the best attributes of gamification — like promoting team-oriented thinking and rewarding achievements through badging — and put them to their highest, best use. Plus, they help you track critical metrics your team can use to master new processes, measure successes, and establish baselines for future trainees.
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Take Your Immersive Learning Further.

It’s easier for your team to be ready for what’s right around the corner if they’ve already rounded it over and over. Accuracy matters, and that’s where Virtual Heroes’ modeling and simulations really shine. Put simply, for us, no terrain is too big, no detail too small. Learn more about how our team of problem solvers can make your real-world training more real than ever before.

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