Situational Awareness For Almost Any Situation.

From department headquarters to the tip of the spear, you’ve got mission-critical training needs — but it’s not always practical or possible or prudent to bring your entire team to the appropriate terrain, or gather all the necessary equipment in one place. Which leaves the question: How can you deliver the truly immersive training experience required to get the job done right?

Soldier Gen2

More Than Serious Games. Serious Training.

Virtual Heroes knows what you need to succeed. We’ve been successfully using game-based technologies to create effective real-world training scenarios for government agencies for almost two decades. Military simulations, terrain modeling, virtual worlds, after-action reviews — whatever you need to deliver top-notch training in the classroom, in the field, anywhere in the world, we get it done.

“We can literally crowdsource challenges NASA is trying to solve with thousands and thousands of players, and really tap their collective intelligence to try and come up with answers.” – Daniel Laughlin, NASA Learning Technologies Division | Moonbase Alpha

Bring Inaccessible Areas Of Interest To Life.

Mask Group
Mask Group

When your team has to train as they fight, you can’t afford anything less than authentic situational training environments. And you can’t afford to work with anyone who’s not ready to solve the hard challenges that are a fact of life in any modeling or simulation scenario. Take a look at how we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients. And find out how we can do the same for you.

"Our sincere thanks to... the ARA folks for GREAT WORK on our RUGUD evaluation over the past 3 months. They did a lot of work toward making RUGUD the tool of choice for the new MRF-Brigade!"

- Larry Rodd, SE Core Lead Production Engineer
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