Neya Selected to Develop AI, Robotic Tech Prototypes

We’re proud to announce that our partner-division and frequent collaborator, Neya Systems, has been one of the five companies selected to receive funds that will support artificial intelligence and robotic technology prototyping projects for the U.S. Army! This is intended to boost the performance of dismounted infantry platoons when they carry out missions. These technologies will have huge effects on the battlefield, even possessing the potential to make a 40 soldier infantry platoon as effective as a 600-soldier platoon! The systems of the participating companies will be organized and undergo testing in October 2022 under the Army Futures Command’s Project Convergence event. For more information check out this link. Also, if you’re interested in learning about other projects Neya Systems has collaborated with us on, such as an autonomous vehicle simulator and a highly detailed virtual environment, check out these videos on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!