ARA Delivers New Field Care Trauma Training

field care trauma training

Field care trauma training is evolving: tomorrow’s training must be scalable, modular, and realistic. Increased trauma survivability goes beyond point-of-injury training, to sustained prolonged field care skills. 


SUSTAIN is a modeling and simulation prototype system for military prolonged field care trauma training.  We recently delivered this advanced training technology, which we have been developing for the past several years, to the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command. The program was a collaboration between ARA’s Virtual Heroes division, ARA’s BioGears digital-physiology team, and the University of Washington’s Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies (CREST).


With SUSTAIN, learners can build unique training scenarios, triage and manage multiple patients, interact with simulated physicians, access clinical practice guides, interface with advanced airway trainer manikins, and assess and track student performance across training platforms.


SUSTAIN provides a platform to support an advanced curriculum that can teach a variety of treatments that address complications of cascading insults and interventions. The trainer includes integrated hardware; ARA partnered with the University of Washington to integrate medical manikins for airway training. The modular task trainers used a common communication multicast database over Distributed Data Services. 


Real-time physiology for the virtual and physical task trainers is driven by the ARA-developed open-source human-physiology engine BioGears. BioGears is computationally efficient, modular, extensible, validated, virtual, and standardized for consistent, accurate, and dynamic scenario-based simulation for robust field care trauma training


SUSTAIN takes advantage of modeling and simulation to replicate challenges of field-care prolongation in a condensed way. It produces data interoperable with a learning management system to track performance metrics/force readiness.


SUSTAIN is considered Government Off the Shelf (GOTS), which makes it free for U.S. government use. Our SUSTAIN showcase video is below. 


ARA is currently developing another application for field care trauma training, the BurnCARE mobile application, which trains medics how to treat burn patients. Click for more information on Virtual Heroes’ medical-training capabilities


This work was supported by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command under Contract No. W81XWH-18-C-0169.  The views, opinions and/or findings contained in this website are those of the creator(s) and should not be construed as an official Department of the Army position, policy or decision unless so designated by other documentation.