Zero Hour: America’s Medic Reaches 4000 Downloads

The serious game Zero Hour: America’s Medic has reached 4000 downloads since Virtual Heroes released it for free in October 2014.

Zero Hour is a first-person 3D video game for training emergency responders to handle mass casualty incidents. Completed in 2007 and built on the Unreal Engine, Zero Hour lets users assume triage, treatment, and incident command roles during simulated natural disasters and biologic, chemical, and other terrorist attacks.

Virtual Heroes developed Zero Hour for George Washington University’s Office of Homeland Security, via a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The game trains pre-hospital emergency medical service (EMS) practitioners such as paramedics and first responders. Users practice high-stakes decision making in various first-person single-player 3D environments, including a residential neighborhood, a financial district, a baseball stadium, and a train station. The Zero Hour web release marks the first time this training game is available to the public at no cost.

Virtual Heroes has won multiple awards for its simulations, serious games and 3D virtual worlds using Unreal Engine technology to provide interactive learning solutions for healthcare, government, and corporate training.