Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conference

We are sponsoring the 5th Annual Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conference, March 30-31 in Charlotte, NC. In addition to being corporate sponsors, we’ll be presenting on our collaborative interactive learning solutions. These solutions leverage simulation learning and digital games-based learning paradigms to accelerate learning, increase user proficiency, and reduce training costs. As part of our presentation, we’ll demo BioGears®, a software development program funded by the Defense Medical Research Development Program. Under this program, we are creating an open source human physiology engine that is made available via an Apache 2.0 distribution license. The engine can be used to drive medical education, research, and training.

Here are the session details:

March 30, 2015. 2:15 PM.


While the focus of technology in clinical training is often on training the HCP on compliant use of a device, it can also be used to improve the safety, efficiency, ca­pacity, and performance of a medical professional. Through discussion of project/product requirements definition, goal clarity, stakeholder alignment, cost consid­erations, solution/vendor selection, the software development process, business models, subject-matter-expert involvement and outcomes analysis, participants will gain insight on successfully employing state-of-the-art technologies and ap­proaches to clinical training programs.

  • Differences between Simulations, Games, Virtual Worlds and Gamification
  • Purposes for the employment of games based technology
  • Considerations for successfully implementing state-of-the-art immersive training technology into clinical training
  • Content delivery methodologies and the assessment of learning outcomes
  • Stakeholder alignment and ROI considerations
  • Global market dynamics for the adoption of these new approaches
  • Examples of working with various healthcare organizations to improve healthcare

Jerry Heneghan

Director of HumanSim® Product Development

Principal Investigator for BioGears™