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Virtual Heroes named a Central Florida top modeling and simulation company

ARA’s Virtual Heroes Division was ranked number 13 on the Orlando Business Journal list of Central Florida’s Top Modeling/Simulation Companies (by size). For more than a decade, Virtual Heroes’ Orlando office has been developing high-fidelity synthetic virtual environments for the local military training community.

The Orlando Business Journal asked executives of top companies to discuss the future of Central Florida modeling and simulation. Virtual Heroes Division Manager Randy Brown suggests an area with great growth potential: the “pushing [of] advanced simulation content and visualization to handheld and mobile devices, to provide high fidelity at the point of need.” Virtual Heroes is a leader in high-fidelity, low-bandwidth data delivery, with innovations such as the Layered Terrain Format (LTF), a compact file format ideal for real-time reasoning on mobile devices. In addition, Virtual Heroes is leading the Assimilation of Sources for a Cohesive ENvironment Description (ASCEND) research effort, which is streamlining data delivery to Soldiers, giving them quick access to crucial information. ASCEND’s goal is to take the massive amounts of raw sensor and source data available to the military and convert that data into useable intelligence.

Other significant projects for the Orlando office include RUGUD, which has built one-million square kilometers of terrain databases for Army virtual training systems, and CPM Next, which supports the Army’s live training systems.