Virtual Tactical Assault Kit (VTAK)

The Virtual Tactical Assault Kit (VTAK) is a Virtual Reality (VR) tool for improved mission planning and rehearsal and better situational awareness. Today’s military operators must “train as they fight.” The VTAK software enables them to do so, ingesting real-world geo-registered terrain data to create collaborative, geographically accurate 3D environments. VTAK is the latest tool in the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) family and is compatible with the TAK ecosystem, using the same consistent TAK look and feel for seamless integration. Soldiers and Mission Planners experience VTAK via the immersive, intuitive virtual interface of VR controllers and a headset.


Platform : Windows OS and COTS VR Platforms
Mode : Collaborative Network
Published :  2019 – Ongoing
Client : NGA Warfighter Support Office (WSO); United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)