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April 20, 2015

Revolutionary Learning 2015

We are presenting at the 2015 Revolutionary Learning conference on May 20 in Washington, D.C. Our Division Manager Randy Brown will be hosting a session about how virtual learning platforms can solve critical public health challenges. Come out and see us!


Diabetes LIVE! Virtual World: What Technology Can Do for You (1:45-2:30pm)


Diabetes LIVE! is an immersive, collaborative MMO-style virtual world for people with type 2 diabetes created to teach six core learning areas: eating/diet, exercise, foot care & complications, coping, medication, and social/day-to-day interactions. Randy will guide attendees through this virtual world, built on the Virtual Heroes web-based Go Platform, and showcase how these types of data-driven platforms can solve critical public health challenges. Speaker: Randy Brown, Vice President, Director, Virtual Heroes, A Division of Applied Research Associates, Inc.


More Info:

Revolutionary Learning: Using Games and Simulations to Solve Critical Issues in Public Health