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What Clients Are Saying

  • Hilton Garden Inn

    “Ultimate Team Play allows our hotel team members to play their hotel specific role and show them how their various actions directly affect the guest and the hotel. Including SALT was key because it really emphasizes to the entire team that no matter what role they have or what job they do, each person ultimately affects the guest’s overall hotel experience.”



    - Adrian Kurre, Senior Vice President, Hilton Garden Inn | Hilton Ultimate Team Play

  • Museum of Science & Industry

    “You guys literally are heroes.”



    - Anthony Pelaez, Director of Innovation, Museum of Science & Industry, Tampa, FL

  • NASA Logo

    "We can literally crowdsource challenges NASA is trying to solve with thousands and thousands of players, and really tap their collective intelligence to try and come up with answers.”



    - Daniel Laughlin, NASA Learning Technologies Division | Moonbase Alpha

  • Zero Hour: America’s Medic

    “For the first time in the history of EMS, we brought together the EMS operational leaders from America’s largest cities to discuss substantive issues that affect the ability of EMS to respond to large scale events,”



    - Gregg Lord, National EMS Preparedness Initiative | Zero Hour: America’s Medic

  • Pamoja Mtaani

    “Virtual Heroes shows an astute eye in anatomical correctness of the subject and surrounding environments. The value proposition their work is clearly and accurately depicted in their work. Bravo! VHI’s newer adaptive learning is a serious tool and should be “required” by federal, state, local municipalities and healthcare institutions to be part of the curriculum. Their delivery is beyond gaming.”



    - Grace Mercy Psewe, Project Lead | Pamoja Mtaani

  • Raytheon Company

    "The Virtual Heroes developers are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Our relationship started with a 3-day training session, and evolved to them supporting our own development team. We plan on working with Virtual Heroes again in the near future."



    - Chad Godina, Systems Engineer, Raytheon Company

  • SE Core

    "Our sincere thanks to... the ARA folks for GREAT WORK on our RUGUD evaluation over the past 3 months. They did a lot of work toward making RUGUD the tool of choice for the new MRF-Brigade!"



    - Larry Rodd, SE Core Lead Production Engineer | RUGUD

  • Games for Health Initiative Logo

    “The interface to games - there’s no argument about how great and fantastic it is. The interface to health care, no matter how you define it, the way you go to a doctor’s office, the way you fill out a form, fantastic it isn’t.”



    – Ben Sawyer, Games for Health Initiative | Zero Hour: America’s Medic

  • Duke University school of Nursing

    “Steve McIlwain is an excellent project manager, Oliver Gray (lead programmer) has been wonderful. Even on weekends they are available. This project has been fun!”



    - Constance Johnson, Duke School of Nursing Project Manager | Diabetes LIVE

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